​Committee Charters

Morguard REIT has three Board committees: Audit; Compensation & Governance; Investment. 


The Audit Committee assists the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its financial oversight responsibilities. The Audit Committee reviews the financial statements, the adequacy of the system of internal control, the financial reporting process and management of financial risks, the nature and scope of the audit process as proposed by the auditors and the Trust's disclosure controls and procedures. The roles and responsibilities of the Audit Committee are specifically defined so as to provide appropriate guidance to committee members as to their duties. The Committee provides and facilitates communication between the Trust's internal and external auditors and the Board to discuss and review specific issues as appropriate.

The Audit Committee is composed entirely of independent Trustees.

Download the Audit Committee Mandate.pdf


Compensation & Governance 

The purpose of the C&G Committee is to provide a focus on governance that will enhance the Trust's performance and to assist the Board in fulfilling their obligations relating to human resources and compensation, and to establish a plan of continuity and development for the Trust.

The C&G Committee is responsible for developing the Trust's approach to matters of governance, reviewing the mandates of the Trustees and its committees, and administering the Trust's long term incentive plans. It also reviews and makes recommendations to the Trustees relating to the appointment of Trustees and the compensation of the Trustees, officers and employees of the Trust. The C&G Committee will report to the Trustees, at least annually, on these matters and other reports in accordance with the compensation disclosure rules prescribed by applicable legislation.

Each of the C&G Committee members has direct experience relevant to their responsibilities in overseeing the executive compensation program. With collective professional experience in areas including accounting, business, human resources, compensation, finance, strategy and risk management, the Committee members have the requisite knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions on compensation matters.

Download the C&G Committee Mandate.pdf



The duties of the Investment Committee are to review all proposals regarding investments, dispositions and borrowings of the Trust and to make recommendations in connection therewith to the Trustees. The Investment Committee is entitled to authorize proposed transactions and approve acquisitions, dispositions or borrowings on behalf of the Trust where the acquisition, disposition or borrowing, as the case may be, would not be in or for an amount which exceeds $25 million. The committee also generally assumes responsibility for establishing and reviewing investment guidelines and for overseeing the environmental management program of the Trust.

Download the Investment Committee Mandate.pdf

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