​Morguard offers an unparalleled choice of opportunities to investors who are seeking to invest in real estate for outstanding, consistent financial performance.

Our dominant position in North American real estate markets, covering virtually all asset classes, means that Morguard can offer opportunities tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs and investment objectives. These opportunities are offered through a wide variety of Investment Vehicles, from specialty pooled funds to separate accounts. Our real estate investment management and advisory expertise allows us to focus on the needs of institutional investors, large and small. 

Our key strengths include:

  • Consistently strong returns. Few real estate companies enjoy Morguard’s reputation for producing superior, long-term risk-adjusted returns. Since inception, our total owned and managed real estate portfolio has grown significantly to more than $15 Billion today. Morguard returns for assets under management for third party clients have outperformed the Investment Property Databank (IPD) benchmark over the long term and are consistently superior on a risk-adjusted basis (based on the Sharpe Ratio). In fact, Morguard's risk-adjusted returns since inception (1985) are greater than IPD and also superior to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

  • Adept deal making. Morguard is known for its ability to structure complex real estate transactions. Led by an executive team with a unique combination of investment, capital markets and entrepreneurial experience, including our unmatched in-house research team, we source opportunities and structure deals that create value and mitigate risk.

  • Access to capital. As experienced real estate investment managers, we understand the importance of maintaining ready access to capital. Morguard has access to deep pools of capital and can work with clients to access both public and private debt and equity markets. We also co-invest with institutional clients, a feature that closely aligns our interests with clients and can often make the difference in making deals happen.

  • Disciplined operations. Morguard has repeatedly been honoured with industry awards for operational excellence. Robust internal policies, procedures and controls, staffed with experienced professionals, support all of Morguard’s operations. Clients can confidently invest and work with Morguard, knowing that we are committed to high standards of governance, corporate sustainability, reporting and business continuity. 

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