Morguard’s experience in managing all aspects of real estate assets – from acquisition to development to valuation – gives us an edge in our investment activities.
The mission of our Asset Management group, whether managing a separate account or one of Morguard’s pooled funds, is to examine and thoroughly understand each property, market and portfolio and to develop long-term strategic business plans. The strategic business plans focus on creating value, enhancing returns and reducing risk, the success of which is measured by Morguard’s long-term (15 year) total return of 12.22% compared to the Investment Property Databank (IPD) return of 11.84% over the same period. This outstanding track record is delivered through Morguard’s team approach, in which the asset manager works closely with the acquisition (or development) group to develop the asset’s initial business plan at the time of purchase or development. Our Leasing and Property Management groups are also included in the business plans throughout the asset’s entire life cycle until disposition, to help ensure the achievement of realistic objectives.

Morguard’s Asset Management group comprises of experienced experts in their respective real estate classes and geographic markets. The teams are located across Canada and the southeastern United States, close to their assets. This proximity results in a more hands-on approach whereby the asset manager regularly visits the property, market, tenants, local real estate brokers, and other key constituents and helps to identify value-enhancement opportunities. Morguard operates separate retail, office/industrial and residential asset management teams to provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise that is distinct to each of those asset classes, resulting in a more focused and disciplined approach to delivering strong, consistent results.
A forward-focused Acquisition team is equipped with the information required to capitalize on exciting opportunities by continuing to purchase properties with outstanding potential. New opportunities, expansions and redevelopment are optimized by the collective experience of our team.

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