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BeYou 2019 and Big Brothers Big Sisters - The Morguard Connection

Morguard 9/16/2019

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) creates individual and group mentoring relationships amongst adults (‘Big Brothers’ or ‘Big Sisters’) and youth (‘Little Brothers’ or ‘Little Sisters’). BBBS has a comprehensive infrastructure for supporting mentorship partnerships, which includes detailed legal screening of mentors to ensure child safety, a broad network of professional staff supporting mentors and volunteers, and complete systems for selecting, approving and supporting volunteers and referring families to agencies that provide other services if required for the mentee and their family.

A thorough recruitment and screening process combined with intensive training guarantees successful matchings between mentors and mentees. Even though the program provides mentorship to ‘Littles’ until they turn 18, the relationship they’ve built with their ‘Bigs’ lasts beyond their time with BBBS.

Learn more about Tricia Schmuland, Drew Pierson, Mary Tucker and Scott Harris, members of Morguard’s teams in Canada and the United States, who have been actively involved with BBBS’s mentorship program.

Mary Tucker
Manager, Legal Administration 
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

When Mary was 13, she was having difficulties in school and at home. BBBS came into the picture, matching Mary with Diane, a ‘Big Sister’ that soon became her friend and idol. They would go hiking, canoeing, swimming, skating and watch movies together. Diane even took Mary to her first baseball game and to pick out a Christmas tree from a real Christmas tree farm.

Diane led by example, showing Mary that if she wanted to reach her goals and be happy, she would have to get better grades, continue her education and have a strong work ethic. She helped Mary to respect herself as a person and gave her the courage to change for the better. Since then, they have both gotten married, had children, and through it all they’ve had each other.

Many years since her time as a ‘Little’, Mary is still grateful for Diane, and her decision to make a difference in the life of a ‘Little.’

When Mary was growing up there was no BeYou. However, now that she has three children, she’s excited to bring them to participate in BeYou and BBBS events.

If you would like to make a difference in the life of a ‘Little,’ visit to find your match.

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