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BeYou 2019 and Big Brothers Big Sisters - The Morguard Connection

Morguard 9/16/2019

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) creates individual and group mentoring relationships amongst adults (‘Big Brothers’ or ‘Big Sisters’) and youth (‘Little Brothers’ or ‘Little Sisters’). BBBS has a comprehensive infrastructure for supporting mentorship partnerships, which includes detailed legal screening of mentors to ensure child safety, a broad network of professional staff supporting mentors and volunteers, and complete systems for selecting, approving and supporting volunteers and referring families to agencies that provide other services if required for the mentee and their family.

A thorough recruitment and screening process combined with intensive training guarantees successful matchings between mentors and mentees. Even though the program provides mentorship to ‘Littles’ until they turn 18, the relationship they’ve built with their ‘Bigs’ lasts beyond their time with BBBS.

Learn more about Tricia Schmuland, Drew Pierson, Mary Tucker and Scott Harris, members of Morguard’s teams in Canada and the United States, who have been actively involved with BBBS’s mentorship program.

Scott Harris
General Manager, The Colonnade & Holt Renfrew Centre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Prior to joining Morguard, Scott was part of BBBS where he joined as a 'Little'. His mom signed him up for the program in the hopes of finding a role model for him to look up to. BBBS matched Scott with his 'Big Brother,' Clarence, who would stay in his life for eight years until Scott was 18. During their time together, they would have fun going to sports games like baseball and hockey, and Clarence even taught Scott the basics of construction.

After having seen the positive impact a 'Big Brother' could bring to a child, Scott registered to become a 'Big' himself. Though he's no longer able to participate as a 'Big' due to time restrictions, Scott continues to work with BBBS as a part of the organization's engagement campaign.

This positive experience has been with him through the milestones in his life, including the presence of his 'Little' in his wedding, and is still in touch with Clarence, who is now 96 years old.

When Scott was approached to speak about his journey with BBBS and BeYou, he was happy to do so, given that the programs have the same goal in mind and can provide support for children in need. His time with BBBS gave him the reinforcement and courage he needed to be himself, to be confident in his choices and demonstrates how crucial empowerment is for the kids at BBBS.

Making a difference in the life of a 'Little' is something everyone can do. If you're ready to empower and mentor one, visit to find your match.

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