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Sustainability is a strategic priority for Morguard. Sustainable Morguard, our sustainability program established in 2009, has been successful in demonstrating continuous improvements across environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators. Our sustainability program starts from the foundation of providing families and businesses with buildings to live and work. We strive to identify and implement innovative initiatives across our real estate portfolio to ensure that our business models and properties contribute to sustainable communities, now and in the future. Together, Morguard with its shareholders, clients, tenants and employees are making a difference.

We are pleased to report on continuous improvement year-over-year - and against our 2010 baseline year. We have reduced our environmental footprint, improved health and safety and enhanced tenant satisfaction.

  • 6.9% reduction in energy use, enough to power 3764 homes for a year
  • 6.5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to eliminating emissions from 1480 vehicles
  • 1.8% reduction in water use, equivalent to 13 Olympic swimming pools
  • 10 Green Building awards
  • 3 consecutive years of recognition as one of Canada's Future 40 Responsible Leaders
  • 3 consecutive years of recognition as one of Canada's Safest Employers


 2015 Sustainability Highlights

Our 2015 Sustainability Highlights provides a high-level overview of our Sustainable Morguard program. 



2015 Sustainability ​​Report​​

Our 2015 Sustainability Report provides detailed results of our Sustainable Morguard program. This Report is guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting framework. ​



​Our 2035 Long-Te​​rm Objectives
Person holding red loudspeaker  
​Our Voice: Advo​​cating for Sustainable Real Estate
We will communicate our sustainability journey with passion, integrity, transparency, and pride. In doing so, we will not only inspire others to join us but we will seek our stakeholders’ support on our continued journey.​

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​Responsible Property Investment: Sustainability Adviser to Our Clients
We will provide the best strategic advice to our clients on both environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and financial factors. We will create new investment strategies and opportunities that align with our sustainability principles while managing risk effectively and creating lasting, real returns.​

The number zero made from green leaves  
​Reaching Net Zero​: Partnering to Achieve Sustainable Buildings​​
We will operate our buildings in alignment with our sustainability principles, thereby neutralizing 
our environmental impacts. We will achieve this by partnering with our tenants and clients and systematically applying innovative building solutions to reduce our combined environmental footprint.​

Person putting roof on little wooden houses  
Sustainable Development: Building and Supporting Our Communities
We will support the communities in which we operate through the construction of sustainable real estate and localized philanthropy. As a real estate developer, we have a significant impact on communities and, therefore, we have a unique responsibility to contribute to their sustainability.​​​

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Responsible Employer: Empowering Our People​
We will create a culture of respect, inclusion, health, safety, and equal opportunity by removing barriers to employees meeting their needs. We will empower employees to ensure that Morguard retains, engages, and attracts innovative talent that will contribute to the success of our sustainability journey.​

A house made up of plants  
Our Sustainable House: Leading by Example
We will set an example in our corporate offices and through our business practices – inspiring our stakeholders to follow our lead. As both a landlord and a tenant, we have a unique ability to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability in our properties. As a corporation, we will demonstrate best practices in responsible governance company-wide.​​​​​



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