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Corporate Governance

Board of Trustees Biographies

K. Rai Sahi is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Trust and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morguard Corporation.  Mr. Sahi, FCPA, FCGA, has over 30 years of business experience in public and private corporations, including extensive experience in investing, financial reporting, standards, and policy covering a broad range of industries including insurance, commercial banking, manufacturing, transportation and automotive as well as real estate.  Mr. Sahi has received many distinctions, including the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada Fellowship Award (2009), Voice Achievement Award (Fellowship in the Indo-Canadian Community over critical enterprises, 2009) and Turnaround Entrepreneur of the Year (1994). In addition, Mr. Sahi is a ranked member of numerous prestigious business listings, including ‘‘The Top 25 Most Influential Figures in Canadian Golf’’ (The National Post) and one of ‘‘The Most Influential People in Golf’’ (Golf Inc.).

Bart S. Munn, CPA, CA, has more than 20 years’ experience as a financial and real estate executive and is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Choice Properties. Mr. Munn has served as the Chief Financial Officer of Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust, Morguard Corporation and Morguard Real Estate Investment Trust.

Timothy J. Murphy is the Chief Executive Officer and managing partner of the law firm of McMillan LLP, focusing on project finance and public/private partnership initiatives and also a managing director of McMillan Vantage Policy Group LP.

Mr. Murphy was Chief of Staff to the former Prime Minister of Canada and was Chief of Staff to Canada’s former Minister of Finance. He has also been a Member of Provincial Parliament and Senior Advisor to both the Attorney General of Ontario and the Ontario Minister of Education. Mr. Murphy was also previously a partner at a major Canadian law firm.

He is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing Corporation, and also the Chair of the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority.

Donald W. Turple, CPA, CA, is a real estate executive and consultant. He served as President of Aquilini Properties LP, a diversified real estate company based in Vancouver, British Columbia from 2008 to 2017. Prior to that time, Mr. Turple served as a consultant to Morguard Corporation holding a number of positions throughout his tenure including Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of TWC Enterprises Limited and Morguard Corporation.

Timothy J. Walker is a corporate director with 30+ years of real estate and finance experience. Mr. Walker was previously with the Morguard group, joining in 1997, and held several senior roles including, from September 1, 2004 to April 30, 2014, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Morguard Real Estate Investment Trust. Prior to joining Morguard, Mr. Walker was a Partner and Director of Gordon Capital Corporation and, previous to that Senior Vice President and Treasurer of Campeau Corporation (a real estate development corporation).

Tullio Capulli retired from Morguard after 41 years of exemplary service effective December 2022. He began his career at Morguard as an accountant. After numerous roles with increasing responsibility, he advanced to position of Senior Vice President, Officer and Industrial Eastern Canada and Broker of Record for Morguard Investments Limited in Ontario, Mr. Capulli has overseen significate property management and leasing transactions.


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