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Morguard’s Bramalea City Centre Earns TOBY AwardGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management;GP0|#b5668b16-dbd3-469c-ab9c-37e83b5a0ae0;L0|#0b5668b16-dbd3-469c-ab9c-37e83b5a0ae0|Retail Leasing2021-08-31T04:00:00Z<p>​<span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">M</span><span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">orguard is excited that Bramalea City Centre has been recognized with the Certificate of Building Excellence and was awarded the </span><span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">BOMA Toronto TOBY (The Outstanding Building of the Year) in the Building Retail Category.</span></p><p>The BOMA Certificate of Excellence is backed by a rigorous certification program that involves a written submission and an onsite visit. The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards are widely recognized as the Oscars of the commercial real estate industry, presented to the highest scoring Certificate of Excellence category recipient.</p><p>The shopping mall, located in downtown Brampton, was eligible for this award by first earning BOMA Best Platinum Certification. This certification also automatically qualified Bramalea City Centre for the Earth Award, where it won the highest BOMA Best score for enclosed Shopping Centre in 2020 (Retail Category).</p><p>Some key updates and factors include:<br></p><ul><li><p>Installing two all-purpose Electric Vehicle charging stations<br></p></li><li><p>Implementing a program to prevent single-use plastics and using reusable bags<br></p></li><li><p>Installing rooftop gardens and green roofs, which protects the building from laten heat-reducing cost and consumption of energy</p></li><li><p>Retrofitting all exterior parking lot lamp standards and all lighting in the multi-level parkade to LEDs with zone and individual control capability as well as individual photocell sensors and dimmers</p></li><li><p>Installing check meters and Flowie leak detection devices in all tenant units that utilize water</p></li><li><p>Implementing a green cleaning plan to include dry-cleaning practices that reduce water use, energy-and water-efficient ec-H2O NanoClean automated floor scrubbers, reusable microfiber cloths to reduce waste generation, and the use of EcoLogo-certified cleaning agents and chemicals</p></li><li><p>Bramalea City Centre captures 77% of recyclable items through existing programs and diverts 68% of its waste from landfill<br></p></li></ul><p>Given the challenging circumstances everyone has been working under, this is a particularly satisfying accomplishment for the property and a testament to the collective efforts of the entire team. Congratulations to the Bramalea City Centre team! <br></p><p><br></p>
Morguard Supports Project BREEZYGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management2021-08-27T04:00:00Z<p>​<span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">Morguard is proud to have partnered with the 53</span><sup style="background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">rd</sup><span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;"> Division of the Toronto Police Service and other community partners, on Project BREEZY, a bicycle donation and repair workshop. The project, which took place at our East York Town Centre in mid-July, saw numerous donations and a free walk-in bicycle repair workshop. The workshop was provided to inspire the community and encourage safe cycling as a way to increase physical and mental health during the pandemic. In total, 202 bicycles were collected, and 185 bicycles were donated to residents of the Thorncliffe Park Community.</span></p><p>Morguard continues to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through community partnerships such as Project BREEZY. We are pleased to have partnered with 53<sup>rd</sup> Division of the Toronto Police Service, The Gateway Bicycle Hub, The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO), and more to make this event possible. The success of this project is demonstrated by the community coming together to reduce and reuse bicycles, encourage bicycle safety, and support one another. <br></p><p><br></p>
Morguard Honoured with 17 ICSC Visual Victories AwardsGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GP0|#328c01de-49ad-45ac-a0e7-062925cae18f;L0|#0328c01de-49ad-45ac-a0e7-062925cae18f|Retail Specialty Leasing2021-08-13T04:00:00Z<p>​<span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">For the ninth consecutive year, Morguard has been recognized at the ICSC (Innovative Commerce Serving Communities) Global Awards, recognizing marketing, design, development, and retail store design creativity by the world's best companies and outstanding shopping centre professionals. Morguard was honoured with 6 Gold and 11 Silver awards in the Visual Victories Awards Program.</span></p><p>"We're thrilled to receive this recognition for the best-in-class retail experience provided at our centres," said Ed Lincz, Vice President, Retail Property Management, Morguard. "We are extremely proud of these retailers and the teams that have been acknowledged for achieving visual excellence in the shopping centre industry."<br></p><p>The ICSC Visual Victories Awards Program is a global visual merchandising competition specifically created for cart, kiosk and temporary in-line retailers. The annual competition recognizes the outstanding work done by exceptional visual merchandisers, retailers and specialty leasing agents. </p><p>Below is a list of this year's winners. <br></p><p><strong>Congratulations to our GOLD Award Winners</strong><br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong style="background-color:transparent;color:inherit;"></strong></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><span style="background-color:transparent;color:inherit;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Gold</strong><br>Most Creative Temporary Store Design - Charmed Aroma<br>Bramalea City Centre </span></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Gold</strong><br>Most Creative Temporary Store Design - T. Kettle <br>Prairie Mall<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Gold</strong><br>Best Overall Kiosk Design - Gypsy Blooms Flower Truck<br>Prairie Mall<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Gold</strong><br>Best RMU Merchandising Display - SQUISH<br>Place Rosemere<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Gold</strong><br>Most Creative Temporary Store Design - Emily's Wardrobe <br>Lawson Heights<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Gold</strong><br>Best Overall Kiosk Design - Bubble Tasty Tea<br>Sevenoaks Shopping Centre<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong></strong><strong>Congratulations to our SILVER Award Winners</strong><br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Most Creative Temporary Store Design - Harlequin<br>Bramalea City Centre<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Most Creative Temporary Store Design - Mukasi Coffee Roasters<br>Sevenoaks Shopping Centre<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Most Creative Temporary Store Design - Bodyfriend<br>Coquitlam Centre<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Most Creative Pop-Up Store - Col Juicery<br>Pine Centre<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Best Overall Kiosk Design - Le Nordik Spa Nature<br>St. Laurent Shopping Centre<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Most Creative Promotional Cart or Kiosk - Le Nordik Spa Nature<br>St. Laurent Shopping Centre<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Best Overall Kiosk Design - Kalamata<br>Centerpoint Mall<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Best Overall Kiosk Design - Dako's Taiyaki<br>Centerpoint Mall<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Most Creative Pop-Up Store - B' Dazzled Spa<br>Prairie Mall<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Most Creative Pop-Up Store - II Pop Up<br>Northgate Shopping Centre<br></p><p style="font-size:14px;line-height:1.4em;"><strong>2021 Visual Victories Award – Silver</strong><br>Most Inspirational Window Display - II Pop Up<br>Northgate Shopping Centre</p><br>
Morguard Wins LEAP Forward Award for its Smart Valve Project PitchGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management;GP0|#50f77e71-a149-46fd-90c2-9f738ea9df00;L0|#050f77e71-a149-46fd-90c2-9f738ea9df00|Real Estate Investment2021-07-29T04:00:00Z<p>​<span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">Morguard is proud to announce that our pitch was the project chosen for the 2021 LEAP Forward award. The award provides the winner with funding for innovative projects that do not meet "traditional" short-term return criteria, but show potential to improve sustainability performance, long-term financial returns and are replicable.</span></p><p>The pitch was for funding to install Smart Valves at Intercity Shopping Centre, New Sudbury Centre and Northgate Shopping Centre, aiming to reduce water usage and increase savings by 10-25 per cent.</p><p>The Smart Valve was designed to tackle issues seen in the management of water delivery, such as inaccurate measurement. In fact, 99 per cent of water meters in use measure by volume, meaning that any air volume gets wrongly billed as water. The Smart Valve works by keeping air in a dissolved state or reducing its volume as water passes through the meter, so that water usage is more accurately measured. By doing so, the Smart Valve is reducing over-delivery of water, which improves performance over time, representing a tangible long-term solution to outdated measurement methods.</p><p>Morguard is thrilled to have won this new recognition for the first time, highlighting the firm's continuous efforts to innovate and develop solutions to support its sustainability program. Innovations such as the Smart Valve support the acceleration of the transformation in the real estate industry to better support sustainability, that has passed from an emerging trend to a vital component of our business operation. </p><p>Congratulations to the operations management teams at Intercity, New Sudbury and Northgate! <br></p><p><br></p>
Heritage Place Wins Tenant Collaboration Award at 2021 HOOPP LEAP AwardsGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management;GP0|#50f77e71-a149-46fd-90c2-9f738ea9df00;L0|#050f77e71-a149-46fd-90c2-9f738ea9df00|Real Estate Investment2021-07-08T04:00:00Z<p>​<span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">M</span><span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">orguard is happy to announce that Heritage Place in Ottawa has won the Tenant Collaboration Award at the 2021 HOOPP LEAP Awards. </span><span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">This award recognizes Morguard's excellence in collaborating with tenants to improve property energy and greenhouse gas performance at Heritage Place, an office building in Ottawa's downtown core.</span></p><p>This is the fifth year Morguard has won an award in the Tenant Leader category. The property joins 150 Elgin Street in Ottawa, New Sudbury Centre in Sudbury and 11<sup>th </sup>Avenue Place in Calgary, which received awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively. This is the property's second HOOPP LEAP award, adding to the one they won in 2019. </p><p>The annual Leadership in Environmental Advancement Program ("LEAP") Awards acknowledges sustainability and climate leadership, and this year we are being celebrated for our exceptional practices in environmental innovation and community influence. Sustainable investing is a growing area of interest, with environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that elevate investment performance. </p><p>HOOPP rewards efficient and high-performing buildings that reduce energy, water, waste, and emissions. This particular award recognizes collaboration with tenant, Public Services and Procurement Canada, to pursue LEED Canada for Commercial Interiors certification. </p><p>Congratulations to the team at Heritage Place!<br></p><p><br></p>
Sevenoaks Shopping Centre Supports Local Bees GP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management2021-06-24T04:00:00Z<p>​<span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">Sevenoaks Shopping Centre in Abbottsford, BC, is our most recent property to add a rooftop beehive. Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem as one third of what we eat relies on pollination, yet bees are on the decline worldwide due to climate change, loss of habitat, toxic pesticides, among others.</span></p><p>"As the Fraser Valley is considered a top producer of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and berries in British Columbia, we are contributing to sustainability and pollination right here in the Valley," states Kristal Hambly, General Manager of Sevenoaks.  </p><p>We have worked to have a positive impact on the bee community by incorporating beehives, naturalized gardens, and bee-hotels at 19 of our Morguard-managed properties. For these projects, Morguard has partnered with Alvéole, a people-focused initiative that helps build ecological awareness through urban beekeeping and workshops with businesses and schools. </p><p>Morguard is proud to have included bees as part of our sustainability activities over the past several years. To learn more about our beehives, visit our <a href="" target="_blank">Beehive Case Study</a>. <br></p><p><br></p>
Coquitlam Centre Earns BOMA BEST Platinum CertificationGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#50f77e71-a149-46fd-90c2-9f738ea9df00;L0|#050f77e71-a149-46fd-90c2-9f738ea9df00|Real Estate Investment;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management2021-06-11T04:00:00Z<p>​<span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">Morguard is proud to announce that the Coquitlam Centre has earned BOMA BEST Platinum Certification for its environmental leadership. This achievement is in </span><span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">recognition of the shopping centre's </span><span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">excellence in energy and environmental management.</span></p><p>Platinum certification is awarded to buildings that have met the BOMA BEST Practices. Throughout the certification process in 2020, the Coquitlam Centre, which is celebrating its forty-second year in August, had to overcome several challenges due to the age of the building while implementing the updates. Their persistence was awarded with this impressive recognition. </p><p>Some key 2020 updates and programs include:</p><ul><li><span style="background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">Coquitlam Centre's recycling program successfully diverted a rate of 53.05% of waste from the landfill. This equates to 413.04 metric tonnes, or 4,878 trees, 497,621 litres of oil and 6.8 million litres of water.</span></li><li><span style="background-color:transparent;color:inherit;"></span>The center worked with its recycling partners to increase the variety of items that can be recycled and make it easier for retailers to recycle glass, metal and plastic containers.</li><li>In October 2019, the centre began accepting used gift cards at Guest Services for recycling. Up until the Spring of 2020, over 3,000 gift cards had been recycled.</li><li>Two honeybee hives were installed on the Coquitlam Centre's roof in May of 2020. At their peak in mid-July, the hives were home to between 80,000 and 100,000 honeybees.<br></li><li>Online paperless forms were introduced that allow the Guest Services Team and customers to fill out forms such as Stroller Rentals and Release Forms digitally instead of using paper forms. </li></ul><p>Congratulations to the Coquitlam Centre team for this high achievement and its commitment to the environment. <br></p><p><br></p>
Empowering Women at Morguard and in the CommunityGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management2021-04-27T04:00:00Z<p>​<span style="font-size:1em;background-color:transparent;color:inherit;">Morguard continues to innovate to support women. Longstanding and new initiatives to empower and celebrate women's achievements remained crucial during the pandemic.</span></p><p>Over the years, International Women's Day has continued to be a milestone at Morguard. In each celebration, we challenge stereotypes, fight bias and broaden perceptions about the role women play in society while celebrating their social, economic, cultural and political achievements. The 2020 event hosted by Morguard brought employees together to help create a gender-equal world through education and open discussions about the celebration's meaning and ways to encourage and honour women beyond the day in March.</p><p>Morguard has also found innovative ways to support women across communities. Initiatives such as BeYou empower and educate girls and young women across Canada, encouraging them to celebrate their growth, diversity and self-worth. To expand our work supporting women, our teams at 77 Bloor St. W., 65 Overlea Blvd. and 200 Yorkland Blvd. in Toronto donated honey and honey-derived goods produced at their bee hotels to The Redwood, a women's and children's shelter that received 150 beeswax candles and 300 lip balms and soap bars in late 2020.</p><p>Empowering women continues to be a priority that we will be proud to continue in 2021.<br></p><p><br></p>
Morguard Makes Tree Donation for Earth DayGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management2021-04-21T04:00:00Z<p>​This year for Earth Day, Morguard made a donation of 50 trees through the organization A Living Tribute. The trees will be planted in the province of Ontario as part of the Sudbury Mining Reforestation.</p><p>This donation was not only in recognition of Earth Day, but in support of our Sustainable Morguard objectives for 2021. Supporting our communities through localized philanthropy is one of our primary goals this year. As a real estate developer, we have a significant impact on communities and, therefore, have a unique responsibility to contribute to their sustainability. <br></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">A Living Tribute</a> is an organization that was created in 2012 to connect people looking to have trees planted as living memorials or gifts with national reforestation projects. Each tree planting includes a sustainably sourced commemorative card that is stamped and mailed directly to the gift recipient. The plant-a-tree gift will help to restore areas of Canada that are in desperate need of reforestation and afforestation. <br></p><p>To learn more about Sustainable Morguard, visit <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=34df4250-cd2c-4a77-ac2f-305ac61b278e&TermSetId=5078c29a-2b54-4c64-bee4-5ba49b00096c&TermId=6bd0d196-a159-42ea-936e-5b43d9973e0a" target="_blank">here</a>.<br></p><p><br></p>
Morguard Donation Gives Old Appliances New HomesGP0|#f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964;L0|#0f6ee19df-6c3a-4081-bd74-668207df6964|Morguard;GTSet|#bbd2a0ca-f457-44e3-b106-3c8139b9e1faGP0|#14ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651;L0|#014ddfd02-772e-4184-813f-3edbb2e94651|Morguard Corporation;GTSet|#08f799fb-3b4e-446d-9e79-1b6ddfdd40a2;GP0|#3e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863;L0|#03e31cf64-7302-4306-b3fd-abaa24a28863|Property Management;GP0|#a9eac8ae-d456-40d5-af28-dc36ae543995;L0|#0a9eac8ae-d456-40d5-af28-dc36ae543995|Morguard North American Residential REIT2021-04-12T04:00:00Z<p>Recent renovations to 1643 Josephine, a residential property located in the Garden District in New Orleans, Louisiana, were done to modernize the building and improve the space for the community with sustainability as a top priority. Part of the plan included donating the old appliances to charity. <br></p><p>Appliances were given to the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit helping build and improve homes for those in need, as well as The Green Project, which educates and promotes a culture of creative reuse through affordable materials.<br></p><p>The team made a significant investment in energy efficiency within the building, including replacing old appliances. Changes include:</p><ul><li>Replaced all appliances with Energy Star rated options</li><li>Installed individual HVAC and domestic hot water heaters in suites</li><li>Replaced all building lighting with energy efficient LED lights, including hallways and interior suites</li><li>Energy efficient heater for the pool and saltwater system was installed </li><li>A new PVC 60-mil membrane was installed in the roof to reduce long-term maintenance costs</li><li>Windows and amenity areas also received a makeover <br></li></ul><p>These updates as well as contributing to these organizations to improve the lives of the surrounding communities represents a continuation of our community support and sustainability priorities while keeping the three R's of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle top-of-mind. <br></p><p><br></p><p><span lang="EN-CA"></span></p>