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Celebrating Earth Day with OnePlanet

Today, on Earth Day, we’re thrilled to light a path towards a brighter, greener future with Morguard’s OnePlanet movement. OnePlanet is an initiative crafted around environmental dedication.

2023 was a year of green milestones – sparking unprecedented engagement across Canada with our 18 enclosed shopping centres transforming into hubs of environmental stewardship. To keep the momentum going for 2024, here are some of our Earth Day initiatives:

Battery Blitz: A National Movement
After a resounding success, the Battery Blitz is going national in 2024. Expect this electrifying initiative at all Morguard shopping centres, amplifying our collective impact. To this day, 50,000 batteries were properly recycled and diverted from landfills.

Earth Rangers: Doubling Down on Environmental Education
Our partnership with Earth Rangers leaped to new heights, doubling since 2022, with over 7,000 young minds inspired and 35,000 new faces joining the Earth Rangers Foundation on their quest for a greener tomorrow.

2024: Elevating Recycling Efforts
Behold sustainability in action across 15 Morguard shopping centres in 2024 with innovative recycling initiatives for used clothes or eyeglasses propelled by partnerships with H&M, Ottawa Thrive Select Thrift Store, Diabetes Canada, and the Canadian Lions Club.

Join us in embracing our OnePlanet initiative, because every step towards sustainability is a leap towards preserving our world for generations to come.