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Etobicoke Wellness Centre Wins ENERGY STAR® Building of the Year

We’re proud to share that the Etobicoke Wellness Centre, owned and managed by Morguard, secured the prestigious ENERGY STAR® Building of the Year Award for 2023. The ENERGY STAR® certification is recognized worldwide, commending businesses and organizations for their outstanding contributions to environmental protection and energy conservation.

The Etobicoke Wellness Centre was constructed in 2018 as part of the William Osler Health System’s Etobicoke General Hospital Redevelopment Project. Located at 115 Humber College Drive in Etobicoke, the Class A LEED Gold medical office building is home to physicians’ offices as well as outpatient programs and services in addition provides a contemporary gateway to the Hospital.

Our diligent team at Etobicoke Wellness Centre has been dedicated to implementing a number of energy-saving measures, sustainable and innovative design practices aimed at enhancing the Centre’s operational efficiency.

Some of these measures include:
• Utilizing HVAC equipment during off-peak hours
• Adjusting the building’s automation system based on tenant turnover
• Installing occupancy sensors for efficient HVAC and lighting control
• Regular maintenance for electrical and HVAC equipment
• Implementing energy-efficient Variable Frequency Drives on Pump Motors
• Enhancing the building’s Green Roof for sustainability.

This remarkable achievement reflects Morguard’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and the power of exceptional teamwork in achieving our Sustainable Morguard goals. Together, we’re paving the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.

For more information on the accomplishments that have earned us this esteemed award and our efforts in promoting a sustainable future, click here.