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Intercity Shopping Centre Earns BOMA Earth Award

Morguard is thrilled to announce that our Intercity Shopping Centre has earned the BOMA Earth Award for its outstanding commitments to environmentally focused operations and environmental excellence.

BOMA grants the award to buildings that have received a BOMA BEST award (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), and are deemed as one of the most environmentally conscious buildings in the country by BOMA’s judges.

The shopping centre, located in Thunder Bay, has implemented a variety of “Going Green” initiatives to elevate their sustainability efforts. They include:

  • The installation of a Smart Valve to reduce water consumption, as part of their 2021 LEAP Forward Award
  • Bi-weekly collection of recyclable materials from tenants
  • Recycling glass, aluminum, cardboard, mixed paper, fluorescent light tubes, and non-rechargeable batteries
  • Collecting deep fryer oil for the production of bio-diesel fuel and animal feed
  • Selling eco-friendly gift cards
  • Regularly offering free recycled shopping totes
  • Tenant education and communication of property targets and goals

Future sustainability plans for Intercity include implementing the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and an initiative which will allow for the recycling of fine plastic wrap. We look forward to seeing the impact these initiatives will have!

Intercity’s commitment to environmental excellence was on full display through their performance this year. Please join us in congratulating the Intercity Shopping Centre team on this incredible achievement!