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Morguard Makes Tree Donation for Earth Day

This year for Earth Day, Morguard made a donation of 50 trees through the organization A Living Tribute. The trees will be planted in the province of Ontario as part of the Sudbury Mining Reforestation.

This donation was not only in recognition of Earth Day, but in support of our Sustainable Morguard objectives for 2021. Supporting our communities through localized philanthropy is one of our primary goals this year. As a real estate developer, we have a significant impact on communities and, therefore, have a unique responsibility to contribute to their sustainability.

A Living Tribute is an organization that was created in 2012 to connect people looking to have trees planted as living memorials or gifts with national reforestation projects. Each tree planting includes a sustainably sourced commemorative card that is stamped and mailed directly to the gift recipient. The plant-a-tree gift will help to restore areas of Canada that are in desperate need of reforestation and afforestation.

To learn more about Sustainable Morguard, visit here.