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Morguard Wins LEAP Forward Award for its Smart Valve Project Pitch

​Morguard is proud to announce that our pitch was the project chosen for the 2021 LEAP Forward award. The award provides the winner with funding for innovative projects that do not meet “traditional” short-term return criteria, but show potential to improve sustainability performance, long-term financial returns and are replicable.

The pitch was for funding to install Smart Valves at Intercity Shopping Centre, New Sudbury Centre and Northgate Shopping Centre, aiming to reduce water usage and increase savings by 10-25 per cent.

The Smart Valve was designed to tackle issues seen in the management of water delivery, such as inaccurate measurement. In fact, 99 per cent of water meters in use measure by volume, meaning that any air volume gets wrongly billed as water. The Smart Valve works by keeping air in a dissolved state or reducing its volume as water passes through the meter, so that water usage is more accurately measured. By doing so, the Smart Valve is reducing over-delivery of water, which improves performance over time, representing a tangible long-term solution to outdated measurement methods.

Morguard is thrilled to have won this new recognition for the first time, highlighting the firm’s continuous efforts to innovate and develop solutions to support its sustainability program. Innovations such as the Smart Valve support the acceleration of the transformation in the real estate industry to better support sustainability, that has passed from an emerging trend to a vital component of our business operation.

Congratulations to the operations management teams at Intercity, New Sudbury and Northgate!