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Morguard Receives Excellence Award at Canada’s Safest Employers Ceremony

​Morguard was recognized at Canada’s Safest Employers Awards for a ninth consecutive year. This year, Morguard received an Excellence Award in the Services Sector category, as a testament to its strong commitment to innovation as a means to provide safe and healthy workplaces across Canada.

It is thanks to our dedicated workforce that we have been able to maintain our honourable position as one of Canada’s safest employers. Morguard’s approach to health and safety in the workplace is supported by a strategic, multi-pronged plan that includes:

  • Hazard and risk assessment measures for its retail, residential, office and industrial properties,
  • A robust workplace inspection program,
  • An Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) that is based on the ISO 45001 regulation to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and to promote safe and healthy workplaces, and
  • A thorough approach to employee engagement, training, and communications when it comes to health and safety.

Morguard strives to engage all its team members in safe work performance by maintaining an ongoing conversation on how to prevent and reduce injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Safety awareness is essential to building a strong safety culture where every employee contributes to the health of the broader team of workers, vendors, tenants and visitors, and properties.

The organization is committed to proactively seek out and embrace new opportunities to advance its occupational health and safety strategy. Teams across the organization recognize Morguard as a responsible employer, devoted to providing a safe environment and evolving its action plan year-over-year.